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How to get rid of pests: Steps you need to know

Pests are a common occurrence especially in the garden and in the house too. Not all pests are bad and some like the ants which to consume decaying matter therefore ensuring that the life cycle continues to work okay.

All in all, pests are a nuisance and when one decides to get rid of them, it can either be a breeze or a nightmare especially if they get out of hand and you have started too late to control them. Below is how to get rid of pests.

Step One – Control their breeding and keep them out

Pests love to breed in a dark corner where food, water and warmth are present. Most pests love to breed in dark areas in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement and even the storeroom. In order to ensure that you prevent their breeding you need to perform clean up exercises.

Start by doing the following below:

  1. Store all flour, sugar and other ingredients in sealed bags or plastic containers labeled clearly
  2. Clean up spills and crumbs from table surfaces immediately they have occurred
  3. Don’t leave any pet food outside
  4. Empty your trash often and ensure that you store your outdoor garbage cans far from your door.
  5. After every meal, wash the dishes and wipe them dry. Do not leave food encrusted plates and bowls around the eating area as pests will start to hang around
  6. Recycle old newspapers, cardboard and boxes as bugs and rodents love to burrow in them.
  7. Drain away any stagnant water around your home as it acts as a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  8. Drain your sink to prevent roaches from camping around
  9. Fix leaky pipes, sinks and bathroom fixtures as they provide water to rodents and roaches

Step Two- Know your pesky pets and how to get rid of pests

Each part of the world is different and with it comes different pests that find the environment to be hospitable for them. Below is what you need to know about common pests that invade your home and how to get rid of them.


They are the most common type of pests although they vary in species, their behavior and characteristics remain almost the same. In your home, ants love to breed and build their homes between the walls, under the floor or near heating system components.

Their favorite food include fruits, seeds, nuts, other insects and sugar. The best way of getting rid of ants is by using cream of tartar, pure cinnamon, coffee grinds, garlic, chilli pepper, paprika, cloves and dried peppermint. All you need to do is to sprinkle any of the above near entrances where they get into your home.

Bed bugs and Lice

Bed bugs and lice have spread around the world and this is due to international travel as the bugs can hide in the luggage, bags and clothing. In the house, they commonly reside in the seams of mattresses, bed frames, headboards, behind the wallpaper and in clothing. They suck blood from house occupants as they sleep.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy and the first thing one needs to do is to wash all clothes, bedding and any other house item with hot water. If the infestation overwhelms you, it is best to get rid of items that are affected. You need to wrap the items in heavy plastic and have them delivered at an incinerator.

You can also use cinnamon, lemongrass, cloves, peppermint, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus to prevent them from setting shop in your home.


They are common everywhere and they are attracted by the presence of rotting items such as garbage. They spread diseases such as food poisoning and dysentery especially when they come into contact with food. To get rid of them, one needs clean up all the garbage, take out the trash and mop up any spills immediately. You need to erect screens on your windows and sliding doors to prevent them from flying in.

Rats and mice

They are common everywhere and breed in burrows located both indoors and the outdoors. They eat meat and grains. They are known to spread epidemic disease and life threatening infections such as typhus and hanta virus.

To eliminate them, you can start by sealing holes between indoors and the outdoor. Store all food in tightly sealed containers and ensure that all garbage is taken out. You can also buy a cat which is a natural enemy to rats and mice’s.

Step Three- Hire professionals

Professionals are skilled and knowledgeable to get rid of pests from both your home and the garden. You can hire a professional pest exterminator by asking for references from your friends and neighbors.