Does peppermint oil repel spiders? – find out if it’s true or false

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It is sometimes thought of as an old wives tale, but  Does it really work? Well in this article I hope to answer that question.

Why do spiders come into the house?

Spiders are the most common insects that cause pest problems and are frequently found in the different areas of your home as these pests make their homes in crevices and corners. Many people call a pest control expert or exterminator to kill house spiders, but you can also do a lot yourself to help reduce the problem of these home invaders. The places that are less frequently used in homes can be inhabited by poisonous spiders and hence it is very important to get them out of your house. There are some species that are harmless but there are some that are very poisonous and you need to keep them out of your house.

You will need to look for the best way to repel spiders because of the risk of being bitten, but also because their cobwebs may make your house look very dirty and unhygienic. Rather than making use of any pesticides or insecticides, you have the option of using natural repellents for keeping them far from your dwelling.

Spiders and Peppermint Oil – Using a spray effectively

A Peppermint oil spray is a safe, natural and effective spider repellent and method to control spiders in your home. The peppermint oil solution for spiders can be added to a water mixture and used in a spray bottle on floors, skirting boards and other places around the home.

There is good evidence that peppermint oil works as I use it every summer when the spiders start to multiply. In a study led by DR Andreas Fischer, (Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Tornonto Scarborough and Simon Fraser University), peppermint oil was found to be somewhat effective in repelling two spider species, the Steatoda grossa, or false widow family, and  Latrodectus geometricus, the brown widow.

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False widow or cupboard spider

There are a lot of different peppermint sprays you can buy, and some are better than others. I’ve tried a few in recent years, but one that I personally recommend and can vouch for it to be very effective is this product by Eco Defense.

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Repel spiders with peppermint oil spray

The main reasons why they are found indoors are because of warmth and also the bugs which attract the spiders into the dwelling. They spin their webs in crevices, corners and unused areas of your home and for getting rid of them you should make use of less harmful ways to stop spiders. You should never use harmful chemicals such as undiluted bleach and insecticides to deter them as it may have an adverse effect around your house as well as people living inside. Check our my other post on the question, does bleach kill spiders?

How to make your own peppermint spray for spiders

Peppermint oil and spiders – the best spider repellent, which may be used in a water mixture spray or by diffusing or burning. They certainly don’t like peppermint oil and will avoid any place you spray it, such as windows and doorways. Put a few drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle and fill with water and a little dish soap to make a peppermint mixture. This is one of the best methods for how to keep spiders away, and you can make it with a common household item, such as peppermint . Why do they hate essential oils? It is among the most proven essential oils for this task that is safe and eco friendly as well. The intense smell and scent of it may be very unpleasant and overwhelming for the them. Some people also swear by using tea tree oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil or other essential oils. At the end of the day you will need to do your own research and try them out.

A spider spray made from natural ingredients

This natural essential peppermint oil recipe made from peppermint leaves or extract and is the most cost efficient way of removing them in a short duration of time because they can’t tolerate it. You should be able to get hold of peppermint leaves at your local convenience stores or supermarkets. Peppermint oil for spiders may work for all kinds of species including brown recluse and wolf spider. After smelling the essential oil and picking up the scent, they will run in the opposite direction after detecting the presence of it. Therefore, peppermint oil is the most successful spider deterrent when you apply it at the entrances of your apartment.

pic of brown widow

How should you use the peppermint oil?

You can also use a few drops of peppermint oil mixed with some dish soap by applying it around crevices, cracks, windows and other hiding places for spiders. Essential oils are a natural way of eliminating spiders from every place of your home. You may also dip cotton balls in a peppermint essential oil mixture and leave them in different places around the perimeter of your home or even in your car. You could also try peppermint tea bags which may also help ward them off or scare them off from an area. You may also have a few peppermint plants in pots around your home or at your front and back door to deter them. Using peppermint oil, a natural repellent, prevents the risk of exposing your family to potentially harmful chemicals. Just be careful not to get it on your skin as it can cause skin irritation, because of the menthol contained in it.

Peppermint oil for spiders – where can I buy it?

I have tried 2 different peppermint oil diffuser sprays and this one I found at Amazon work really well also. You can check the price by clicking here.


So does it really work?

So does peppermint oil repel spiders? Hopefully you are convinced by now. There are many benefits of spraying this liquid as a method of spider control as it is a good way to get rid of them. Adult spiders in particular and other creepy-crawlies don’t like peppermint. However, you need to ensure that the smell of the peppermint oil is as strong as possible. You will need to spray the peppermint oil in corners, gaps and cracks where they can enter easily. Pure peppermint oil is one of the best homemade spider repellents, because using peppermint oil is considered as a good tool for dealing with pest problems.

Using peppermint oil effectively  to deter spiders

But make sure that you identify the problem areas so that you can effectively reduce the number of pests in your home. The reason for the effectiveness of mint spray is because spiders hate the smell of peppermint essential oils and it can cause them to scurry in the opposite direction. They can then be eliminated completely from your house as you do your own measures to keep them out.

peppermint oil for spiders

Are there any side effects to keepeing spiders away with this method?

There are no side effects of using peppermint oil to get rid of spiders when you are using it to eradicate them from your apartment. Peppermint oil is the most potent remedy that can help you to get them out of your home, without worrying about any adverse side effects as it is an essential oil that is very effective. Using a home remedy. also help you to save considerable amount of money as you will not have to spend money on calling out a professional exterminator. However, if all else fails, you should call a pest control company. Check out my other post on peppermint oil for stink bugs.

It can also stop you from exposing your family from the potential risk to health that might be caused when these professionals use toxic pesticides. Therefore peppermint oil is considered as the most popular natural remedy that can provide you complete peace of mind so that spiders will stay out of your home, but especially the dangerous ones. Get it here now at Amazon

If you are having problems with pests generally, it’s worth keeping in mind that you can use peppermint oil for spider infestations and mice as well as many other things. Having problems with other pests? Check out my post about lavender oil for bed bugs.



Do spiders hate peppermint?

It’s not really known why spiders seem to stay away from peppermint. It is thought that it could be the strong smell that repels them and make it more likely that they will avoid places with a mint odour.

You might want to check our my other post on how to get rid of spiders in the basement.

Other uses of Peppermint Oil

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