Do Cockroaches Avoid Light?

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Is there any truth to this that cockroaches avoid light?

Many people ask this question as many a time you walk down the passage to your kitchen, and once you put on the light, you are welcomed with roaches scurrying away into dark spots.

So does light attract the insect, or are they trying to hide away from it?

The short answer is yes, cockroaches are not attracted to light and will avoid both natural and artificial light, but to answer the question more fully, you need to understand the roach’s behaviors.

The behavior of the Cockroach

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and are generally active at night. The truth is that the light does not attract them, and they do not like it one bit.

That is why they run for their hiding places when you switch on the light. Furthermore, it is not only the artificial light that it dislikes as they are not fond of natural light.

Therefore, you will not see them roaming around the home during the day. The only time you will notice one during the day is if forced out of its home. The main reason is the lack of food.

However, the pest can adapt to different environments becoming acclimated to light. Now another vital question, if you notice one roach at night, what does it mean for your home?

The possibility is it is a rogue roach looking for food, but the likeliness is there are many more around.

The insect is an aggressive breeder, and the population grows at a fast rate. Therefore, where there is one, there are thousands more roaming around.

Time to Take Precaution

The roach has three basic needs, and that is shelter, water, and food. Therefore, your home is the best place for them to breed. So if you want to prevent the pest from making your house their abode you can:

  • Remove water and pet food from the floor
  • Make sure there are no leaky faucets
  • Clean off the sink every night
  • Keep the area free from food particles
  • Make sure to clean underneath appliances
  • Give the home a regular vacuum and cleaning
  • Look for crevices and cracks and seal it up
  • Place wire mesh over vents and install weather stripping on the doors
  • Keep the outside of the home debris free
  • Seal the trashcan and compost bin with tight-fitting lids

By following the tips, it will help prevent the roach from making your yard their breeding spot. However, it will guarantee the pest will stay away.

Roach Strategies and FAQs

The best way to control a roach problem is with pest control services once they enter the home.

The technicians have all the training to help prevent cockroaches.  You can control the problem yourself but need to squash the following myths to take care of the issues.

Do roaches fear light or do they like light?

Some cockroaches do run away from light, but there are certain species of cockroaches attracted to light. The reason the insect runs when you put on the light is that they fear you more.

All roach species are pests

You have more than 4,000 roach species with some that fly while others cannot. Some have brown, dark brown, black, or reddish coloring. A fact is that only a small portion invades the home and become a pest.

Do not trample on a cockroach as it releases the eggs

You do find some of the roach species carrying the eggs on their back in a capsule. Sometimes they transport the pod on the abdomen until hatches. The likeliness of releasing the eggs when trampling on the insect is rare. and the chances are will most likely kill everything. But there is still a chance of causing eggs to be released even stepping on a dead cockroach.

Can roaches survive a nuclear blast?

While cockroaches can withstand some radiation of 1,000 radon units, it does decrease their ability to reproduce. A fact is that the insect manages to survive up to 10,000 rads.

Furthermore, the reason for surviving is that it has a slower cell cycle and molts about once a week.

Therefore, exposed to radiation that has a narrower window, it does not attach the cells like in humans. However, it does not mean the insect can withstand the explosion when taking place.

Can cockroaches live without their heads?

The insect lacks a blood pressure system and has an open circulatory system causing less pressure on the area if injured. Therefore, if you do chop off the head, the neck area seals with clotting.

It is able to live without its head for a few days as it breathes through segments in the body before the cockroach dies.

Do cockroaches live in dirty homes?

Yes, to some extent, this is true as they scavenge for food around garbage bins, a pantry that is dirty, or enjoys leftovers on the counter.

Therefore, if the house is dirty, they have easy access to food but it does not mean they become a pest in unsanitary dwellings only. A fact is they live anywhere where they can find food.

Does leaving lights on deter cockroaches?

They don’t like light and will avoid it, but while leaving lights on in the house may keep them away from certain areas, this strategy will is not an effective way of getting rid of them.

Final Thoughts

The roach is a repulsive species to many people, otherwise it could easily be seen a superhero insect. They can stay underwater for up to 40 minutes and can survive a minor blast while living without its head a couple of days. Furthermore, they can see in the dark as they pool light signals. While they have amazing abilities, many people find them gross to look at.


Therefore, if you spot them crawling around for dark spots in the home and you have a cockroach infestation, the best solution to prevent cockroaches is to call a pest control service to remove this insect from your home.


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