Why do I have maggots in my house?

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One of the most troubling and unpleasant experiences that homeowners can face is the presence of maggots in their homes. Maggots, which are the larvae of certain fly species, can be found crawling around kitchen or bathroom surfaces and often cause feelings of dread and disgust due to their appearance and behaviour. Although it is not a common occurrence, it is more common than you might imagine.

Maggots are often unwittingly brought into homes by houseflies. The warm and moist climate of your home creates the perfect haven for maggots to thrive, making even a few maggots quickly grow in number. If this is not managed properly, infestations can spread out of control and require specialized pest removal services to eliminate them from your living space.

Keep reading to uncover the root causes of maggots in your home and find out how you can keep them away for good!

What are Maggots and where do they come from?

Maggots are small, white larvae that can be found in many homes. They feed on organic material such as food scraps and other decaying material. Maggots are often associated with unsanitary conditions, but they can also take residence in a clean home if the conditions are just right. In order to properly answer this question and help you get rid of maggots, it is important to understand the lifecycle of a maggot.

Maggots are the unsightly larvae of certain fly species and can be a major source of dread and disgust for many homeowners. They appear in warm, moist areas of the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms, where they feed on organic materials—including food scraps and other decaying material—and multiply rapidly if not managed properly.

Female flies are adept at finding moist places, like garbage cans or compost piles, to lay their eggs. As soon as fly eggs hatch, the larvae embark on a feast of decomposing organic material in order to nourish their evolution into fully-grown flies. Incredibly, this process is quite speedy and could be finished within a handful of days – depending on the type of fly.

You can find maggots in dead animal carcasses and rotting food, as well as in drains and gutters. The presence of maggots in your home can be a sign that there is an underlying sanitation issue, such as a food source for the flies or areas where moisture can accumulate. To deter maggots from your home, it is important to find the source of the problem and keep these potential breeding grounds clean.

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How to find the source of a maggot infestation

To begin resolving your maggot issue, the first and essential step is to determine exactly what kind of maggots they are. Numerous fly species lay eggs that turn into maggots, so it’s vital to figure out which one you have in order to take proper action. After identifying the particular type of fly, you will be better equipped with knowledge about where all these larvae likely came from as well as understanding how best to eliminate them for good.

Common sources for fly infestations include garbage cans and other areas around the house where rotten food waste accumulates, such as under kitchen sinks, behind refrigerators, and pet food containers. If this is the case, then cleaning these areas thoroughly is usually enough to get rid of maggots. The same goes for outdoor sources such as dog faeces, grass clippings, garbage bags, a trash can or an animal carcass. Cleaning up these areas will stop attracting flies, and prevent eggs from being laid and baby flies from hatching.

If your infestation seems to be coming from an unknown indoor source, then it may be time to bring in a professional pest control company that can help identify and remove the source of your problem. Professional companies typically use baits or traps that contain pheromones that attract certain types of flies, making it easier for them to pinpoint exactly where an infestation is coming from.

They can also advise you on how best to clean up any messes or potential breeding grounds so that you don’t have any future problems with fly populations in your home. Be extra vigilant cleaning out your trash bin to keep maggots away and around food storage cupboards, especially where you are keeping fruit and vegetables.

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How to kill maggots instantly

Killing maggots instantly can be a challenge but there are a number of techniques that can be used. Boiling water is an effective method for killing the maggots on contact and can be used for areas where no chemicals are available or desired. Pour boiling water onto the affected area, trash bin, sink or drain. Spraying with insecticides or other solutions is also an option and chemicals such as ammonia will kill the maggots when properly applied.

Finally, if you want an even more efficient way to kill maggots instantly, then you could use steam cleaning or an electric heater, which will raise the temperature high enough to cause immediate death in maggots within seconds. There are other maggot treatment options such as bleach. Some people also report good result with Pine Sol for getting rid of maggots. Regardless of which option you choose, always remember to wear protective clothing and use caution while applying any toxic chemicals or hot liquids on the affected area.


How to stop maggot infestations from returning to your home

The only way to protect your home from future infestations is consistent cleanliness. Make sure that floors and common areas are properly scrubbed, so any old food debris can be swiftly removed instead of collecting dust. Regularly mopping and vacuuming of kitchen floors and high-traffic zones is essential to stave off potential infestation. This will assist in removing any leftover food fragments that could attract maggots.

Additionally, make sure to bring any outdoor trash cans back indoors and empty them at regular intervals; strong odours could attract hordes of maggots in no time. To guard your home from a potential maggot invasion, it’s important to be vigilant and consistent. Schedule regular inspections with yourself or professionals for the best chance of preventing these bothersome insects!


Uncovering the origin of a maggot infestation is necessary for eradicating them. Once you determine where they are coming from, there exist various solutions to address the issue, including using boiling water or insecticides. Additionally, regular cleaning and inspection can be used to prevent future infestations from occurring in your home. With diligence and dedication, you can ensure that you get rid of maggots for good!

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