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Wolf spiders belong to Lycosidae family which means wolf. This spider has eight eyes and because of this, its vision is excellent, and it can easily communicate through the eyes. The other species may hunt their prey from the vibration sound, but this species is entirely different because it trails after seeing its prey. The eight eyes are arranged in 3 rows. The first row consists of 4 eyes; these eyes are small in size. The second row comprises two big eyes and the 3rd row also has two eyes, but they are medium in size. This prominent and noticeable feature instantly distinguishes them from other spiders.

They also possess markings or lines of colors on the body. They do have a sense of touch but on the acute level. The length of this spider ranges from – 2 inches. They are hairy and have orange-brownish color tone. This species has eight legs which are similar to the other spiders, but it also possesses two little legs. The feature of this spider includes three tarsal claws. Many people confuse this spider with other similar species but it can be differentiated because of the tiny arms, and it does not possess violin shape marking over its head which can be found on heads of other spiders. Most of the abdomen of this spider is hairy as the hairs cover its abdomen.

Carrying the Eggs

The female wolf spider carries their eggs, or some of them may bury the eggs in its tunnel. The abdomen has a raised position, and in this way, it saves the egg casing from any harm while moving to the ground. In spite of this little bit of difficulty, they can efficiently hunt their prey. Sometimes it is also found that female spiders carry their young on their backs until they are grown up enough to capture alone.



The wolf spiders don’t build a web as other spiders do. They live outdoors usually on the ground but as winter season sets in; they can be found inside the buildings. They can be seen around the doors, windows, and garages. Some also build temporary burrows. Since they have no permanent place to live, they are sometimes seen in fields, woodland or other grassy areas.


It is also known as a hunting spider because one of its characteristics is the ability to hunt on the ground. It doesn’t pray in the morning. The hunting mission is done at night. This spider does not live in groups. It likes to live and hunt alone.


They don’t make a web, so they like to hunt crickets, mealworms, cockroaches, grasshoppers and some species of frogs.


wold spider
Wolf Spider


It is an aggressive spider when it comes to hunting its prey, but it usually doesn’t bite the human beings unless they are continuously provoked and disturbed. When their venom injects in a body, it can cause itching, pain or swelling. The skin can get slight redness, and some also complain of muscle pain. When this spider bites, it is recommended to clean the affected area with warm water and soap, and also apply a paste of baking soda mixed in water to get relief but severe reactions can occur after the bite. These reactions should be taken into.

For many people, Wolf spiders represent the worst kind of insects. However, while different people have an inherent fear of spiders, they offer a very advantageous role in the ecosystem, controlling the rest of the bug population by being so high up in the food chain. Seeing one or two harmless spiders around should make you feel right about the cleanliness of your home. If they live outside or the garden, all the better. Still, fear is fear, and no one wants their home overrun with arachnids.

Chasing the Spiders Away

It is hard to dispose of creepy crawlies altogether. The best strategy is bringing in an expert to splash your home entirely. There are no splashes on the whole market that you can buy to dispose of wolf spiders and arachnid traps are just negligibly sufficient.


You must be persevering to free your home from spiders. You should thump down the networks and guarantee the eggs are no more. A superior method to do this is to tidy up the nets and after that divert from the pack or dump the canister outside.

Different Ideas to Try

Individuals frequently think of extraordinary plans to help dispose of irritations, and that is valid about eliminating wolf spiders. Here is a portion of the numerous thoughts that individuals have offered on the best way to dispose of creepy crawlies in your home:

– Keep eucalyptus around the house since arachnids don’t care for the scent.

– Cats are extraordinary spider catchers.

– Use a smelling salts arrangement on windows to repulse spiders

– Place apples around your home.

– Use peppermint oil as a deterrent, click here to find out where to get it

Dispose of Hiding Spots

Wolf spiders will search for wood and wood items, similar to cardboard. They likewise can cover up in apparel things or under nearly anything. Make sure to lessen the measure of messiness you have. In territories like cellars, you should keep sticky traps to get any pondering arachnids.

Following the more significant part of the above tips and thoughts should help you to get a decent handle on any Wolf spider issue you may have. On the off chance that you locate your home has these spiders, which can make both reasons genuine medical problems on the off chance that they chomp, at that point you extremely should contact an expert to spray your home. Make a point to get a certification, as well, so if the creepy crawly issue returns rapidly, they will shower again for nothing.

These are the most common things you can do to kill spiders. Of course, if you don’t have the necessary time to learn spider extermination methods, you can always call an expert, and they usually do it fast and efficient. Anyway, be aware because it is quite pricey. If you want to save some money and have some free time, then we recommend that you develop your spider pest control tricks and play with them. Different types of spiders react in various ways. Experimentation is the key.



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