How to get rid of a skunk under your house or shed

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Skunks can get into someone’s property and start living in their yard or under their deck. This is usually an attempt to find shelter, food or a place to mate. As much as they are shy and intelligent, skunks can be a nuisance. Some usually dig holes in backyards while others scatter your garbage as they scavenge for food.

Also, their musk spray has a very unpleasant smell which can affect you or your pets. Given that skunks are carriers of rabies, a bite from one of them can lead to a rabies infection. Therefore, it is important to learn how to get rid of a skunk.

What are some of the ways that are used to remove skunks from one’s property?

There are different methods which can be used to remove skunks from homes. Some of these methods are also effective at helping to deter skunks from coming to reside on your property. They include;

The use of repellents

Finding the right repellent can significantly help a homeowner to get rid of a skunk. When the chemical or natural repellents is applied, they irritate the skunks when they come in to contact with it. Chemicals can be used around the places where the skunks are hiding. To prevent other skunks from coming in, repellents can also be applied around the fences. However, the repellents have to be reapplied at least after a few days so that they can work efficiently.

Predator urine, such as that of dogs or foxes, can be used to scare skunks away. Other substances used as skunk repellants include pepper spray, ammonia, and citrus peels.

get rid of skunks

Proper garbage management

The way you handle your garbage can determine if you will be able to remove skunks from under your house or backyard. Skunks can live off food remains in your garbage can. If the garbage is not managed correctly, skunks will be attracted by the presence of food in your compound. This is especially true in winter as they can still be active and foraging around homes looking for food. Find out if skunks hibernate in winter.

Therefore, it is advised that you should store your garbage in the right way. For instance, ensure that the lid of your trash can is sealed and locked. Also, it is essential to make sure that rodents cannot chew through your trash cans.

Do not attract them by leaving food around

Just like food remains, having readily available food outside your home can attract skunks. The skunks can reside in a hole or under a deck in your home because they have found a source of food. For this reason, if you have plants that produce food such as nuts or berries, you should not let them lie on the ground as it will attract skunks.

It is crucial that one harvests ripe food so that the skunks can look for food somewhere outside your compound. Lastly, insects on your lawn can lead to an invasion of your home by skunks. To do away with skunks, you should get rid of the insects by using an insect repellant.

Call animal control services for help

If you have entirely no clue of how to remove skunks from under your house or if you are terrified of skunks, you should hire professionals to do it on your behalf. Professional wildlife control service providers can adequately get the job done. Given that they have experience in handling animals, they will know what to do for your case.

Also, they are qualified to do the job. Professionals are trained on how to remove such animals thus can identify the right equipment and method to use when eliminating skunks from your home.

Make sure that your yard is well light

Did you know that skunks are nocturnal? Well, skunks are most active during the night. Consequently, they are not fond of places which have a lot of lighting. If skunks have invaded your yard, it is a great idea to install a good lighting system in the yard. That way, when the skunks come from hiding to look for food, they might go away because there is too much light. This factor makes it an efficient way to keep off skunks.

Set up live traps

It is important to acknowledge that live traps are preferred over lethal traps. In fact, many states have outlawed the use of deadly traps to capture or kill skunks. Lethal traps are considered inhumane thus making live traps a better method of removing skunks from your property.

Live traps have been effective at capturing skunks. After that, a homeowner can relocate the skunk to another area or hand it over to an animal control center. There are many live traps available in the market. Plastic live traps are particularly common. Skunks often release their noxious spray as a defense mechanism against an attack or threat. By using a plastic live trap, one can significantly reduce the chances of getting affected by the spray of a skunk. This is why they are common.

It is advised that one should carry out enough research about how to correctly set up a live trap. In addition, one should be very cautious while handling the trap and the skunk after it has been captured.

The use of automated sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers can assist in your attempts to keep off skunks. When a skunk, or other wild animals, come close to the sprinkler, they will automatically go on and start splashing water. Thus scaring away the skunk. The merit of applying this technique is that it is natural and will not cause any harm to the skunk. It is advised that one should strategically place the sprinklers in areas where the skunks are likely to pass.

How to keep completely keep skunks away

Other than removing a skunk from your backyard, it is crucial that a homeowner takes the necessary steps that will prevent future cases of skunks invading their property. For instance, it might be a great idea to seal all holes and openings that could give skunks a way into getting under your house.

Also, fencing around your property is essential. Not only will it keep skunks away from your property but other intruders as well. However, the fence should have small gaps so that skunks cannot fit through them. Given that skunks can dig under the ground, it is wise to have the fence going at least one foot below the ground. You also need to ensure that the fence goes at least four feet above the ground even though skunks are not good climbers.

What if there’s a dead skunk under my house or deck?

Skunks will often find dark places to die, sometimes under a deck, basement or shed. It’s important that you deal with it quickly to avoid it becoming a problem for your health and also to get rid of the bad smell.

To conclude, skunks should no longer be a bother. By using the appropriate methods that have been discussed, you will remove skunks from your property while ensuring that others do not get the chance to enter your property.


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