How to get rid of garden moles – best practical solutions

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Discover the best ways to get rid of garden moles in your back yard.

Now that you have finished planting your lovely lawn, your next concern is the moles, which are trying to create havoc in your beautiful garden. Moles are small animals and look a bit like rats, which destroy the plants, and turn the lawns into a mess. You have probably noticed some mole trails in your garden, which are formed by pushing the dirt and the grass into huge mounds. Well, these moles can completely destroy your beautiful landscape. Even though, some moles can be tolerated, as they help in aerating the dirt, excess of moles can cause all kinds of problems. They can uproot the plants, and make a mess of your lawn. But, there is no need for panic, as there are some effective ways with which you can get rid of moles.

Given below are some techniquesto get rid of moles, which can help you in eradicating them:

1. Blocking with Shovel

Take a walk on the mole trail, taking one step at a time. While walking on the lawn, you can try to push off the dirt and the grass back into its original place. Make sure that the lawn is levelled, and the ground is even. Moles are actually blind, but can smell and hear well, and any kind of movement can make them run away. So, try to be careful with what you do.

1.Place the shovel and the hammer near the lawn. Take a seat nearby and keep scanning the lawn, to see if the moles are returning back.

2.If you see that the old trail is being stretched out, or there is a formation of a new trail, then, check the trail’s end, as the mole usually does the work at the trail’s end.

3.Once you are able to locate the mole, take the hammer and the shovel, and silently check for any further mole digging, and movement of grass.

4.Now, you should stab shovel just behind the working area, so that the moles are not able to find an escape route. And, stick the other shovel just ahead of the mole, so that the mole hits the shovel, and dies off. Or, hit it with the hammer.

5.Making use of the gloves, pick up the mole, and throw it outside your house.

Alternate blocking with shovels

This is another useful method to get rid of the moles. On the active mole trail, choose a portion of the trail, and enclose it with shovels. This will trap the moles. Now, grab a large bucket and put it over the mole. Scoop it up, and throw it outside your property.

2. Capture it using mousetrap

Moles are of the same size as the mice, so they can be captured effectively, with the help of mousetraps. You can prepare some tempting and mouth-watering meals, like salami or pepperoni, and use that as a bait for the trap. Now, you can place this trap in the starting of the mole tunnel. Cover it up with some object, so that the place is dark, and is not visible. When the place is dark, the mole with think that it is a part of the tunnel, and it will reach the trap. You can check the trap after a few hours, and see whether there are any moles trapped inside the trap. If the trap has not been able to capture the moles, then it is possible that it was not concealed well. There are also some killer traps, which are available in re-usable and disposable forms. You can choose the one, which works well for you.

3. Make use of some natural repellents

This is the easiest method of all. Just spray a solution of natural repellent on the lawn. This will cause itching and burning in the moles, and the moles will be forced to leave your property on their own. The natural repellent can be made of castor oil, dish-washing soap, and cayenne pepper. You can dilute it with some warm water. Spray it inside the mole’s tunnels, or use the water hose for flooding the tunnel with this solution. The soap in the solution will make the cayenne pepper and castor oil to stick on the mole’s skin. This will cause a lot of burns and itches in the moles. You can spray this mixture every month, and also after the rains.

Some additional tips to get rid of moles:

1.Make use of pest control, so that the bugs and pests are removed. The moles get attracted to these bugs, and cause havoc, so when the bugs get removed, the moles will also be removed.

2.When you water the lawn, make sure that it is not soggy and over-watered, as the moles get attracted to wet soil.

3.Mow your grass, and level them up, so that you can see if there are any moles in action.

4.Check the lawns during noon to see whether there are moles.

5.Put some dry ice inside the tunnels, as it can help in suffocating the moles.

6.You can plant chocolate lilies, and garlic in your garden, as the smell of these plants can keep the moles away.

7.You can also make use of wind spinners, fumigators, or battery-based devices, which can cause vibrations. These can be placed on the trails, and near the entrance. These will vibrate the ground, and cause disturbances, and the moles will automatically move over to some peaceful locations.

Some facts about the moles:

The moles are the most active during the rainy season and spring-fall season. During winter and summer, the moles dig deeper burrows. They make two types of tunnels, which include the sub surfaced and the deep tunnels. If the lawn has more of forests and weeds surrounding it, there will be more chances of regular invasions by moles. So, try to ensure that all the forests and weeds are cleared off.

The moles have a weaker eye sight, but have a great smelling sensation. They can easily smell anything that can cause them damage, so be careful with whatever method that you use.

Get rid of the moles, otherwise, all your efforts of beautifying your lawn will go waste. Use any of the techniques given above, and you would be able to enjoy your efforts, and enjoy the lawns.


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