How to quickly get rid of fruit flies in your home – 8 top tips

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There are many insects that may grow in your home and kitchen, like roaches, beetles and fruits flies. Some of these insects can be very annoying and harmful for most homeowners. Fruit fly is one of the most common pests in the kitchen area. You may also find some fruit flies in your kitchen area, especially if you store a lot of fruits and vegetables on the table. It is recommended for you to learn about how to get rid of fruit flies easily. Eliminating these flies should not be a complicated and hard task to do. You can simply follow some of these easy tips for eliminating all flies from your kitchen quickly and easily.

1. Dispose all rotting vegetables and fruits immediately

This is the most important thing that you should do, so you can eliminate any flies from your kitchen immediately. Most of these flies usually love eating any rotten fruits and vegetables. They are able to grow well and rapidly, especially when they consume any rotten products regularly. When you want to dispose these items, you should wrap them with plastic bag completely. Make sure that all flies cannot get access to these products anymore. You need to remove all messes and residues that may be available in your kitchen area.

2. Empty recycling cans regularly

If you have several trash bags in your home, you need to clean these units regularly. Emptying all recycling cans regularly can help you remove any fruit flies from your home and kitchen completely. Most insects usually love anything that is humid and moist. They love all types of trashes, such as soda can, wine bottle, beer can, rotten fruits, and many other unwanted items. You can bring all trashes out from your own home, especially if you want to get rid of fruit flies from your kitchen easily. It is recommended that you follow this simple tip at least once in every 2 – 3 days.

3. Clean all dishes regularly

Fruit flies also love any dirty dishes, including glasses, plates, bowls, cups, and many other kitchen utensils. Some of these items may have residues that can attract many fruit flies these days. When it is possible, you can put all dirty dishes into your dishwasher machine. This machine can help you remove all unwanted materials and items from your kitchen utensils easily. Don’t leave a lot of dirty dishes, especially if you want to remove all fruit flies from your kitchen immediately. It is not difficult for you to clean all dishes in your kitchen regularly.

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4. Create vinegar trap

Not many people know about this trick. This simple trick only requires vinegar solution from your kitchen. You can simply use vinegar solution on certain areas of your kitchen. Most flies are usually attracted to the aroma of this vinegar because vinegar has similar aroma as the other fruits and vegetables. Once these fruit flies come to the vinegar solution, you are able to eliminate large numbers of fruit flies immediately. You can use bug zapper for killing all fruit flies on the vinegar solution. It is very easy for you to follow this simple tip for getting rid of fruit flies quickly.

5. Fix any blocked drains

When you want to eliminate fruit flies from your kitchen, you should follow this simple tip. It is a great idea for you to fix all blocked drains in your kitchen. Blocked drain can collect dirty water in the system, so it can attract many flies to come to your kitchen. Therefore, this problem should be treated as soon as possible. This problem is usually caused by some unwanted materials inside the drainage system. When it is necessary, you can hire a professional plumber who has a lot of experience and reputation in this area.

6. Clean your kitchen regularly

This is another easy way for you to keep your kitchen free from any fruit flies. It is recommended that you clean your kitchen everyday, in order to remove any unwanted materials from your kitchen. You need to use clean soft cloth for wiping all kitchen surface regularly. It is also important for you to use high quality cleaning solution for removing any unwanted materials from your kitchen surface. There are some special cleaning solutions that are made for kitchen area. These special products are usually made from high quality and safe materials, so you can use these products safely.

7. Replace all old cleaning tools

There are some important cleaning tools that you may use in your home, including mops and sponges. These tools are very useful to keep your home as clean as possible. However, you also need to replace the old cleaning tools. Some of these old cleaning tools usually have bad aroma that is very attractive for most fruit flies. If you want to get rid of fruit flies from your kitchen, you need to buy some new cleaning tools regularly. Don’t forget to throw these tools properly, in order to prevent any other fruit flies from coming back to your kitchen.

8. Use blow dryer

This is another easy way for you to eliminate all fruit flies from your kitchen. You can use a blow dryer for removing all little flies quickly and easily. When you turn on this device, it is going to produce hot air that can blow all flies away. Some flies are going to die when they contact the hot air from your blow dryer. There is no negative side effect that can be caused by this method. If you want to remove all flies from your kitchen safely, you can consider using this simple technique today.

When you find a lot of fruit flies in your home, you need to remove them immediately. Some of these flies can cause certain allergic symptoms, such as red skin, skin rashes, asthma, breathing difficulty, and other symptoms. When it is necessary, you can also hire a professional pest control company. This service is very useful to help you remove all unwanted fruit flies from your home immediately. You can contact the best pest control company that has good reputation and positive reviews from other users these days.


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