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How to get rid of earwigs – In the insect world, so many bugs depend on their defenses to survive. Earwigs have few such armaments but still can be the most frustrating insect that keeps coming back time after time. Earwigs are insects that have tails with two sharp ends. This type of insect will probably stay outside of your house but will also be preying inside if they find some ways and entrance where they can pass through. They are rarely producing inside a home but will do if given a chance.


Many homeowners fear the earwig and show no mercy when they spot one in their home. Shots of Raid, fly swatters, and shoes go flying when the hapless earwig makes its way across a bathroom mat or is found at the front door. All these in an attempt to get rid of earwigs. The problem is that with each one killed the beleaguered resident finds another and another on a constant basis and in some situations it gets way out of control and people can see many earwigs every single day of the season. This is what makes most people find it difficult to get rid of earwigs.

It is not hard to get rid of earwigs. Just follow the steps below for you to know what it takes to eliminate them from your house or compound:


Kill them with pesticides and other repellents.

If your amount of earwigs in your place is a lot more than that you can use management with basic strategies, you may opt to use chemicals to get rid of earwigs. The common chemical manage procedure is utilizing boric acid powder. Dusting the achievable breeding and hiding places like cracks and beneath the sink region with boric acid powder can management the threat of earwigs. Boric acid can be an insecticide that will not bring about any important wellbeing troubles to people along with other creatures. Therefore, there is certainly no ought to hesitate for using boric acid in controlling the earwig dilemma in your dwelling. Earwigs will hesitate to cross the barrier produced with the dusted boric acid powder.

You may also pour some natural insecticides to areas of your home where you think earwigs will reside like sidings of your windows, doors, cabinet corners, and other areas that are prone to them. Apply enough amounts and make sure that your children will not reach it. If an earwig unconsciously passes through a natural insecticide, they will slowly die and unable to reproduce. Use of natural insecticides is a perfect way to help you get rid of earwigs.

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Close up openings and cracks

Seal all low parts of your windows and doors because they usually enter through these passages. Clean your house and drain all necessary liquid materials stock anywhere. This will help you prevent earwigs from coming in. Stripping these cracks inside your home will help you get rid of earwigs by preventing


Get rid of earwigs using a vacuum cleaner.

Earwigs will build a large colony sometimes if they find the best place to hide inside your house. If ever you found out that a large colony of earwigs, the best thing to do is to get a vacuum, so you will get all of them, throw it in a trashcan, and burn them. See to it that you include its eggs and other white objects because these will turn into an earwig after few days.

If you do not have a vacuum, buy an insecticide that can kill earwigs. There are many affordable insecticides or pesticides in stores. Spray it on the large colony of earwigs and make sure you do not forget to wear mask while spraying for preventing inhalation of its chemical. Leave it for few minutes and wash it after all earwigs are gone.


The importance of proper water drainage.

Many people have used this method to get rid of earwigs. Earwigs cannot survive for very long in dry conditions, and for that reason, they do not purposely intend to come inside. Moisture is key to earwig survival and where ever it collects is where you will find them. Mulch and leaf litter is the most common spot to find not only adults but also nesting sites and most of the young. These environments hold a lot of moisture and provide dark places in which they rest in during the day. In the fall when earwigs prepare to hibernate, they dig chambers deep into the soil which is another reason they are very plentiful in this area. Dry spots around your home may have an earwig or two but not for long. As they begin to dry out, they will move looking for a damp place in which to nest.


Avoid placing potted plants at the door.

Earwigs are not as able bodied as other insects but find it easy to enter homes through cracks and crevices. Front door thresholds or back sliding glass doors are the most common spot you find earwigs coming in. We often place potted plants near these entries and even put welcome mats out just in front of the doors. All these items collect dampness underneath and offer the nocturnal bug a great place to hide and replenish their much-needed moisture. This, in turn, puts the earwig nearby of the main entries and from there it’s only a few inches from them coming into your home. With the repetitive cycles that we the homeowner practice every year it’s no wonder the earwig eventually explodes.


You are going to find that many people that have earwig problems, never get rid of them. If you are frustrated with the problem, many pest control solutions can come out to your home. What you are going to find is that you can get some pest control services that help you in getting rid of earwigs. By getting a service like this one, you are going to find that you can find that the problem will go away rather quickly. All the best and keep your environment earwig free! If you found ‘How to get rid of earwigs – solutions that are proven to work’ helpful, check out other posts on our site.


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