Does Lavender Oil Keep Away Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are some of the most dreaded pests that could ever invade your living space. While some pests, such as roaches and ants invade your food, bedbugs target you for food. Besides the painful bites and the reddish rashes left behind, they will actually cause discomfort that will rob you of sleep and sanity. The nightmare with bed bugs is the worst at night when all you need is a warm place to lay your head. This is when they come out in troops and prepare for a hearty meal. No matter what you do, its impossible to ignore bedbug bites. Check here for effective bed bug treatments.

An ideal hiding place, an available host, and warmth to support breeding and multiplication are exactly what bedbugs look for before invading a place. If your home, car, office or restaurant is invaded, it probably is because it provides these essential basics. Although there are many purported remedies out there, only a handful actually work. Natural solutions come highly recommended as chances of side effects are ruled out. The last thing you need is inhaling chemicals from your mattress all night long.

Does lavender keep away bed bugs?

Essential oils, such as Lavender, have variant uses around the home.Lavender has for a long time been used to repel insects, bugs, and pests. People who have home gardens have particularly experienced the power of lavender. While certain insects keep weeds off their gardens, they can be a nuisance to humans. Rubbing a bit of lavender on your skin will keep them off of you.

So, does lavender keep away bed bugs? The answer is, Yes it does but only when used right. In this case, using lavender oil in all your infested belongings could successfully get rid of bed bugs over time. Spraying concentrated lavender oil directly on bed bugs is lethal and could possibly destroy the larva and young ones on the spot.

Did you know that there are different species of lavender? Most people do not. With the wide array of lavender oil in the market, you are likely to get duped into buying fake products that will do nothing for your bed bug infestation. In order to successfully eliminate these blood-sucking bugs, it is important that you use genuine products. Some of the most popular lavender oils that you are likely to encounter in the market include;

(a) English Lavender
(b) Dutch Lavender
(c) French Lavender
(d) Spanish Lavender

These products normally have their botanical names stated on the bottles. This is how you distinguish between genuine and synthetic lavender oil. You’ll also be pleased to learn that each one of these different lavender oils has its unique use. For instance, the English Lavender oil is ideal for the skin. Its botanical name is L. angustifolia and it is the ingredient that you will find in most skin care products. When applied to the skin, it will repel bugs so you do not have to worry about these little critters crawling around your skin. It is also what campers and hikers use when out exploring nature.


If you have a bug infestation problem, you may need to apply this oil all over your body before getting cozy under the covers. The oil will repel them and force them to source their meal for the day elsewhere.

As much as this will create a temporary solution, a bed bug infestation is a much bigger problem to deal with this way. You need a permanent solution that will render your home bed bug free.

Before facing the problem head-on, it is best that you are certain that bedbugs are indeed the problem. Bedbugs are not the only biters out there; rats, roaches, mosquitoes and other crawling insects will bite even when unprovoked. What you imagine to be bedbugs might turn out to be a bored rat. Lavender oil might not be effective in repelling a rat.

Truth be told, bed bugs are highly discreet pests. They will not be seen walking aimlessly if not to feed. During daytime, they prefer to keep away from the vicinity unless there’s a host offering a blood meal. In this case, experts advise that you set up a trap for them. A stick mat works best. Place this mat somewhere strategic around the bed. As they crawl along in the dark, they will get trapped and you will know for sure who the culprit is. This kind of trap can also be used after fumigation to ascertain that the infestation is no longer existent.

Drops of lavender oil can be used directly on the larva or young bugs to kills them. Alternatively, you could make a lavender oil spray whereby you mix a tablespoonful of lavender oil with 500ml of water. Spray the solution in all the areas that you suspect the bugs to be hiding out. These include; bed frame and joints, mattress seams, upholstery, sofa, carpet, cracks in walls, torn wallpaper and clothes. This will repel and force them to seek refuge elsewhere.

Another grand way to use lavender oil to eliminate a bed bug infestation is by adding a few drops of it in your steamer. Bedbugs can not withstand high temperatures so steaming the infested garments, furniture, mattress and carpets/rugs might just do the trick. In this case, add the recommended amount of water in the steamer and add a few drops of lavender oil in it. Steam the areas without leaving a spot then wait. You might need to repeat this a few times before you can completely get rid of the bugs. Before giving this method a try, it is best that you inquire if lavender oil is safe to use with the steamer. Some of them get blocked or malfunction if anything other than pure water is used while others function perfectly fine.

A look at the benefits and uses of lavender prove that lavender oil is effective in killing bedbugs and keeping them away. However, this method is only effective when used correctly. If too mild, the solution may not be strong enough to kill the bugs. If artificial lavender oil is used, the bedbugs will stay put and possibly increase in number. Click here for effective bed bug treatments

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