How fast do bed bugs spread from room to room?

Bed bugs are a real nuisance when they invade your home and may become a bug control nightmare. Bed bugs give you no let up as with a full-on infestation, you will struggle to sleep in peace. Bed bugs feed on human blood by sucking through your skin when you are asleep. This can irritate you to a level that you might even think of abandoning your home. Bed bugs spread at a fast rate and even breed at a very high rate.

To find peace and comfort when sleeping, you have to employ some way of getting rid of these bed bugs before the problem becomes a disaster. Before you implement any pest control measures, you have to understand every detail concerning these pests, but we need to find out how quickly do bed bugs spread in a house, from one room to another room, from apartment to apartment and from person to person

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They spread through breeding

The bed bugs go through a three-stage lifecycle which is the egg, nymph, and adult. Bed bugs mature fast, and the females are responsible for laying the eggs at a rate of four to seven eggs a day and usually after a blood meal. The eggs are laid in dark places at the edges of the mattress, mattresses box springs, crevices, bed cracks and a stick on any hard surfaces especially the wood. This makes the bed bugs spread fast if this furniture is moved to a different place.

Bed bug life cycle

The female bed bugs can lay a total of 200 eggs in these isolated areas and shelters especially in dark places. The eggs will hatch within a couple of weeks and the newly formed bed bug nymphs start feeding on the spot. If the place provides a warm room temperature, the baby bed bugs (nymphs) mature within 14 days if they get enough food supply and up to 30 days if they don’t get the desired environment.

The nymph then shed the skin up to five times before maturing into an adult. The adults start mating immediately where the females can start laying eggs within 4 to 9 weeks if the conditions and the environment favor their growth. Bed bugs have a lifespan of 6 to 12 months and can feed every ten days on average.

Bed bugs can survive without a meal for a long time, and their rate of reproduction is very high thus spreading quickly through a house as they keep on searching for migration if they congest in a place.

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bugs move fast across surfaces

They spread through the movement of infested furniture

Bed bugs live in beds, mattresses, furniture, clothing or spreading. If one of these infested pieces of furniture is moved, then it will carry the bed bugs from one room to another room, and they will continue breeding at the place where the furniture was moved if the conditions are favorable. Be extra careful when bringing any new furniture or mattresses into your house. Check out my other post – Can Bed bugs make you sick?

They spread by crawling

These pests are very good at crawling. Bed bugs can crawl very fast when there is dark. If you happen to feel some bed bug bites and decide to put on the night, you can’t even find one as they travel very fast at about 3 to 4 feet per minute to their hiding places. If your neighborhood is an apartment, the bed bugs can spread to every home at through the cracks. If you decide to spray the infested home, it’s still possible the bed bugs could move to the next room or home as they are resilient to many pesticides. This movement happens fast to the neighborhood where you may start hearing complaints of bed bugs infestation and pest control problems.

Movement of people and bedbug infestation

When people put on infested clothes, they move the bed bugs to other areas where they land. You can collect the bed bugs from infested friends home and bring the bugs to their home. Bed bugs can also spread through traveling with infested suitcases, clothing, packaging boxes when one is moving from residence to residence. From hotel rooms to home or from schools where the cases of bed bug infestation are prevalent. To discover some reliable methods for getting rid of them, read more here for ways to kill bed bugs

Resilience and resistance of bed bugs

Bed bugs are so resilient and adaptive in that they can survive for days without feeding, up to seventy days. They can live for several months if well fed. Bed bugs are very sensitive and search their prey by following the heat from the human body and also sense the carbon dioxide from the mouth as they have a good sense of that.

When feeding, bed bugs usually pierce the human body and spit some saliva that has some chemical that reacts thus making you insensitive. The chemical is composed of anticoagulant and anesthetic that makes the victim feel nothing until the time the bed bugs have finished. This adds to their ability to spread fast as they may survive for long till they get another meal.

bed bug close up photo

They spread through survival and adaptation

The dark places where bed bugs hide during the day makes them unreachable. They can hide in the most protected areas of covered room furniture where the pesticide does not reach. When the effect of the pesticide reduces, the bed bugs come out and breed again. Bed bugs are clever creatures who have a good sense and may sense danger whenever they detect an anticipated move of a human and run away. It is very rare to see one, and therefore it takes a lot of time to realize your apartment building is infested especially if you are not familiar with the pest. Read about how to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs can spread very fast because of the high rate of reproduction. Bed bugs can infest a whole neighborhood and the worst things are that they may become resistant to the common pesticides. Therefore, the best thing to do if you detect a bedbug problem is to call a pest control company who can get rid of them and make them go away for good.


As you have observed, the rate at which bed bugs can move from a certain room to another room, is very high, the ability to hide in any simple object that offers some dark shelter encourages the spread. A single infestation can make your home a breeding place if don’t realize early enough. It is, therefore, necessary to take proper precautions whenever you suspect bed bugs are present. The bite of a bed bug results in itching, but you only feel it when the bed bug has already attacked and left.

It leaves some stretch marks on your body which are not pleasant. To spread and fill out the entire home, it may only take some few weeks, and you will not have peace anymore. It is better if you keep your home clean and keep your staff organized making sure there is no clutter left in the rooms which can provide breeding places for bed bugs infestations. If all else fails, best to call a national bug control and removal service. Discover the best bed bug treatment here.


Do bed bugs travel from room to room

Yes, bed bugs can travel and follow you to other rooms and areas of a house or building as they are carried on clothing, in bags and cases etc. Also if the  furniture is infested and then moved somewhere else, the bed bugs will travel with the furniture.

How to prevent bed bugs travelling from spreading to other rooms

You can prevent bed bugs spreading to other rooms and areas by properly cleaning and fumigating the area with bed bug spray or powder. You can also hinder their movement by making sure bedding is thoroughly washed before being used in another room. Also make sure you haven’t mad any potential food source available and put garbage bags outside.

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