Does Borax, Lysol or Raid Kill Bed Bugs

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One of the common questions asked when it comes to bed bugs is how and what kills them!

You can find different ways of killing bugs available and pest control companies come up with new chemicals and substances to get rid of bed bugs.

So to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we are going to help you understand what gets rid of them.

The Facts

Using the standard Raid insect killer will not kill bed bugs. However, with Raid Max insect killer, you can kill the infestation more effectively than other bug killers.

The spray has a formulation made to kill the eggs and the bug. Furthermore, it also kills off other pests such as lice, dust mites, and fleas.

You receive the content in a container that is easy-to-use with an extender wand to reach in cracks and crevices where the bug hides.

Furthermore, it does not stain your furniture, mattress covers or fabric and repels insects up to a year. You can use it indoors and outdoors and eliminates bedbugs quickly and can get rid of them from clothes.

On the other hand, you can use Raid bed bug spray as a spot treatment or surface spray to kill eggs and bugs on contact.

What are the benefits of using a Bed Bug Spray?

  • The poison targets different life stages of the bug to eliminate the whole population.
  • You get a multipurpose product to use on different pests.
  • It is a cheap solution to take care of an indoor pest problem.
  • You get an extender wand-making using the spray quicker and simpler.
  • It is a trusted brand with numerous reviews of success.
  • The poison is absorbed through direct ingestion and the cuticle.
  • Lastly, it forms a protective barrier to prevent re-infestation.

While Raid Max has its advantage over other bug killers to use it indoors or outdoors, it can eliminate honey bees as well. Furthermore, the poison must not come in direct contact with food.

So does raid spray kill bed bugs? If using the correct type, then yes. However, before you decide what to do, consider some other methods to repel bed bugs?

bedbug spray

Will Laundry Sanitizer Work?

The short answer is yes Lysol sanitizer spray can kill bed bugs. Furthermore, it can also kill the bugs if you dowse them with it.

The big problem is that you need to spray it directly on them to die. You need to keep the surface moist to drown the bug in the chemical. What the compound does is deprive them of oxygen causing suffocation.

What makes it tricky is to find the bed bugs hiding spots to apply the Lysol cleaning agent effectively. Once you can establish the bugs dwelling, you can start spraying away.

However, there is more to do as you need to start sorting out laundry to wash them in hot water. Now, this is where the Lysol Laundry Sanitizer comes in handy.

With the hot temperature and sanitizer added it would kill off the bugs present on your clothing and other fabric items.

Now you need to start steam cleaning everything in the home, such as mattresses and pillows to make sure all of the insects are removed.

You will have to vacuum everywhere from the bed, walls to carpets, and behind shelves.


  • It provides a long-term effect to kill the insect and the bed bug eggs.
  • You can use it safely for pest control in rooms and suitable for low infestation levels.
  • There is no need for throwing away your mattress, clothing or bedding.
  • It doubles up as a bacterial killer as well.

While the advantage is great, it also comes with adverse effects as it is a health hazard that is dangerous for the eyes when exposed to it.

Alternatively, when inhaled or ingested, it can cause severe health risks in the nervous system.

So does lysol kill bed bugs? Well yes, but there are other methods worth considering first before you take action.

How effective is Boric Acid?

Borax(boric acid) is not as effective as Lysol and Raid as the insect needs to get it through the digestive system, but when asking others who have used it, the boric acid killed bed bugs most of the time. When used for bed bugs, the bugs eat boric acid , and therefore the borax kill the bed bugs and eggs.

Bed bugs only eats blood and do not preen therefore it is ineffective. However, when used as a deterrent to repel bed bugs, it is useful.

Furthermore, the boric acid will not kill the bed bug eggs as it cannot be ingested. While the content is safe to use it can cause nausea, stomach pain, fever, and more if it comes in contact with your food.

You can use it to deter bed bugs by placing the powder around access points such as the feet of the bed as the insect will walk through it.

Furthermore, you can use it in a liquid form to repel the bug by mixing it in a spray bottle with water. Remove all your bedding and spray the mattress with it as it makes it less appealing for the insect to live. You can also spray clothes with borax to deter the bugs from crawling on them.

So the short answer is, yes, borax kills bed bugs, but there are other perhaps more effective ways of doing it. You can also use Diatomaceous earth as a highly effective deterrent. When the bed bug walks through it the tiny particles scratch through the waxy outer shell of the insect.

As they need to preserve the water in the body, the only way to replace it is through feeding. Once the layer peels off they start losing moisture as it evaporates away.

The bed bug will start to dry out and die. The only problem is that diatomaceous earth will not kill the eggs.

What Alternatives are there?

Another effective way to kill bed bugs is with Tea Tree oil. The oil works on contact and will need to make a spray out of it.

The tea tree oils toxic to bed bugs and has antibacterial, insecticidal, and fungicidal elements. You can use the spray on your mattress to kill the insect on contact.

So compared to chemical big killers, tea tree oil is an excellent alternative to use as a pesticide. As you can see there are different options available.

With each one, you will only be able to kill a few specific bugs, and you need to kill them all. Therefore, if you have a massive infestation we recommend you call in a professional exterminator instead. If you want to save money and follow a DIY method, you should check out one of my other posts here.

Once your bed bug infestations resolved, you need to put in prevention measures to prevent the problem from taking over your home again.



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