Does bleach kill spiders or repel them? – find out the facts

As soon as the weather changes from cold to warm, it’s very common to find your home has become the habitat for spiders. Conversely, as soon as the weather begins to get a little bit colder, they will seek refuge and you can end up with a spider infestation. This isn’t a necessarily bad thing because these creatures are very important when it comes to eating bugs in the home, especially the common house spider. So unless these creatures taking up refuge in your home are of dangerous and poisonous species such as the Black Widow or Brown Recluse, it is advisable to just live & let live. However, if you  or any of your family are suffering spider bites, then it is maybe time to do something about it.

So what’s the short answer? Well bleach is a common household product, used in cleaning and it can be effective for killing spiders with a spray bottle. The one drawback is that bleach is that while it can kill spiders, it is also a corrosive chemical, and can be harmful when used around children and pets.

Bleach as a spider deterrent

As you try to get rid of spiders in your home, you could just be preparing a favorable condition for other creepy crawlies to invade your home. They generally hunt prey such as flies and other insects and can stop them from becoming a problem. However, if you are arthrophobic or you think the spiders under your roof pose danger to yourself and your family, then it’s extremely important that you get rid of them as soon as possible, either calling a bug exterminator and doing proper pet control yourself.

spider bleach kill

Bleach contains acetic acid and can be very effective when it comes to getting rid of spiders. It also works to eliminate webs. Spraying water and bleach directly on a spider or its web is very easy and effective way of getting rid of them from your home. You can also use the bleach mixture on the exterior of your home to prevent spiders from entering your home. It is extremely necessary to use a spray bottle to spray the mixture around the gutters and other dark crevices since these are the best hiding places of majority of spiders.

Make sure you take necessary safety precaution when using bleach. Protective clothing and protective eye wear are highly recommended to avoid injuries as well as chemical buns from taking place. In order to understand how to kill spiders using bleach,  let’s first look at some interesting spider facts:

Will bleach spray kill spiders? – pest control facts

Today, Spiders are found on every continent around the world that is permanently populated. Spiders are also among the most diverse living things in the world with nearly 40,000 different species however, nearly all spiders hate water. You may spot them hanging out in your bathroom, but you will never see them around a body of water, except for only a handful that actually lives on or in water.

Although many think that spiders are insects, but in reality, they are arthropods and arachnids. All spider species have eight legs. Most of them have 4 sets of eyes; however different species may have different eye profiles. Female spiders tend to be bigger than their male spider mates, but these creatures are very prolific. A spider may lay up to three thousand eggs in a lifetime. You may be able to identify them by their egg sacs which look like little white balls.

Although they may be scary since some of them are poisonous, spiders also provide the silk which is the strongest material ever known by man. This material that spiders produce can never be manufactured even synthetically because it’s too complicated. Each and every spider produces some form of silk and uses it make the classic web, which is used to catch its prey.

One of the most interesting facts about spiders is that a leaping spider can jump up to 50 times its body length. You may want to duck! Having known these interesting facts about spiders, it’s now time to answer the question “can bleach kill spiders?” Is this an effective way to control spider infestations?

Bleach that is normally used in laundry is a very good solution that can be used for exterminating spiders. The bleach’s ability to discolor colored fabric, whiten white clothe and neutralize anthrax makes it a multi-purpose solution. It’s also categorized as a fungicide and a pesticide because of its ability to kill bacteria cells. It’s also able to get rid of household pests such as spiders that are leaving in your home or outside your garden area. The acetic acid in the spray mixture burns the spider on contact.

Whenever you are using bleach product or solution, an extra precaution should always be taken because it has quite harmful side effects to human beings as well as the surfaces that the product comes into contact with. Always make sure you protect your eyes and hands when using bleach water and spray the mixture around all the areas the spiders are found.

To eliminate spiders using bleach, you need the following materials:

· Bleach

· Spray bottle

· Water

· Vacuum or broom

bleach for spiders

Here is how to go about it:

First, take the water along with your bleach mixture( you can use brands such as Clorox or other non-branded – it doesn’t really matter). Then mix three parts of water with one part of bleach water. As soon as you have thoroughly mixed them, pour the solution into a spray bottle. With your spraying bottle filled with the bleach mixture, spray it directly on the spiders or onto the area affected where you find spider webs, with about six to ten inch distance.

Use a spray bottle as much as you wish so as to get rid of spiders. The amount of bleach solution you need depends on the size and number of spiders you want to rid. The bleach water should be sprayed on the places that spiders are known to hide, nest or enter the home once a week until the winter season come to act as repellant. As soon as all the spiders are dead, you should sweep the whole area to remove all the dead spiders and dump them into the trash can. Any remaining bleach mixture that can be seen on the surface should be wiped off thoroughly so as to prevent bleaching effects that may take place.

Once again be very careful how close you are when using the bleach mixture and don’t inhale the chlorine fumes. This is because bleach is harmful and can damage your skin and eyes if it comes into contact with these organs for longer period of times or in larger quantities.Another way to repel them from a particular area is to let a teabag soak in the solution for a few minutes, and place one or more of them in the problem areas around the house. Always be careful on the areas you spray since bleach can discolor floors and walls.


How long can it take for it to work?

It shouldn’t take that long at all. It really depends on the size of the spiders and concentration of the mixture. For big spiders, it might take longer. Bleach can kill spiders fast and take from a few minutes to a few hours for it to take effect. If it doesn’t work the first time, you may need to increase the concentration and try again.

Can it kill brown recluse spiders?

This species has a nasty bite, so you need to be careful getting near them with a spray bottle. Some people say that bleach gets rid of them and is an effective spider repellent, others say it doesn’t work so well. So you may need to go with a chemical treatment.

Can it kill wolf spiders?

These are large spiders, so it will take a bit longer, but yes, bleach should work ok.

Will it kill their eggs?

Using a bleach mixture in a spray bottle can be an effective means of getting rid of spider eggs and young spiderlings. The acidic nature of the bleach will break through the egg outer layer and also the spiderling exoskeletons, therefore killing both the eggs and baby spiders.

Will it kill black widows?

The black widow spiders is a dangerous species of spider with a nasty bite, so caution is advised when approaching them. While bleach can be an effective way of kill some  spiders, with this species, it may be better to look at alternative treatments, or to be of the safe side it is better to call a professional pest exterminator.


Can bleach kill spiders? Yes. Bleach has several uses. It’s classified as a fungicide and a pesticide because it is able to get rid of bacterial cells. Bleach can also discolor colored surfaces or products and whiten white garments. It can also neutralize anthrax. All these effects are caused by an acid present in bleach, which eats away anything that comes in its path. Its acidity too gives it the ability to get rid of household pests that include spiders.

However, it has never been officially registered as an insecticide due to its harmful side effects on human beings as well as on other surfaces it comes into contact with. So in as much as bleach is the best in getting rid of spiders, users must exercise extra caution when using a bleach spray bottle so as to avoid accidents. Hope this helps to solve your spider pest control problems

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