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A bed bug is a tiny insect that thrives on sucking human blood. Bed bugs are primarily active at night, and their bites can cause skin complications such as skin rashes, allergies, and negative psychological implications. Unhygienic conditions are the primary cause of the infestation of bed bugs. They are fast and good at hiding in cracks, gaps, and crevices. Bedbugs also hide in clothing and furniture. Constant travel is also a minor cause of bed bug infestation. These features make bed bugs terrible household pests that should be eradicated.

Several methods can be used to treat bed bugs. For example, steaming, vacuuming, freezing, laundering, dry heat treatment, and insecticides. Using insecticides is one of the most effective ways of eradicating bed bugs. Several pesticides can be used, for instance, sprays and powders. Bed bug powders are useful because they kill bed bugs in a short period. Also, powder remains effective for an extended period. For good results, it is essential to use bed bug powders correctly. Below is a step by step guide on using bed bug powders.

Preparation and Safety

Preparation and safety are fundamental in ensuring that you correctly use bed bug powders. The guidelines and instructions of usage should be thoroughly read. Moreover, if there are special gear and equipment required, it should be prepared in advance. For example, gloves, respirator mask, dust mask, goggles, e.t.c. The specified gear should also be of good quality. The particular area where the bedbug powder will be applied should be prepared. It is recommended to ensure that all personal items and effects are stored in another place. This will ensure that the chemicals in the bed bug powder don’t negatively affect the inhabitant/s of the particular site.

Attack Plan

The next step is to locate places that are heavily infested by bed bugs. These particular places are where the treatment should focus on. There are certain places that the procedure should also be concentrated. These places include edges of carpets and floors, cracks and crevices, wall gaps, door frames, and beneath appliances. Substantial amounts of bed bug powder should be used in these particular locations. Bed bugs also love to hide in the furniture. Hence, the powder should also be generously used on the furniture. The attack plan should also incorporate the rate that the powder will be applied. For example, if the place is heavily infested, the powder should be used with high frequency and vice versa.

Precise and Careful Application

You should carry out the process of applying bed bug powder with a lot of care and precision. The person applying the powder should wear the recommended special gears. This is to protect the person from developing health complications as a result of inhaling chemicals in the bed bug powders. Moreover, certain tools can help in applying the powder effectively. For example, a dust applicator will help to spread the powder in a controllable and efficient manner.


It is essential to follow-up on whether the bed bug powder is producing excellent results. The particular places that have been treated should be regularly inspected. If there is a bed bug activity noticed, then the powder should be used more frequently. If, after some time, there are no good results, then one can try a different treatment method.

What is in bed bug powder?

It is essential to know the particular ingredient used to make bed bug powders. This is because it is a product that is being used in a home environment. There is a major ingredient that is used to make many of the bed bug powders that people use. This particular ingredient is called D.E or Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth or (D.E)

This is a natural product that is mainly comprised of diatoms. Diatoms are tiny water plants that are fossilized. Due to their minute structure, the plant particles can penetrate through the external protective layer of a pest. Eventually, the plant particles dehydrate the bed bug to death. Hence, D.E is an organic substance that controls pests effectively. This is why many people prefer to use bed bug powders that are made using Diatomaceous Earth. However, it is always essential to carefully read the instructions provided along with the powder. This will ensure that the powder is safely used, thus avoiding any potential risks.

Is it harmful to humans?

When appropriately used according to the instructions, bed bug powder is safe for humans. It is essential to ensure that you purchase a good grade of bed bug powders. For example, there are two primary grades, i.e., pest control grade and food grade. Typically, it is not safe to use pest control grade indoors even if it is safe to use food grade. This is because the concentration of the two grades is different. Moreover, despite the grade, it is necessary to exercise caution while using bed bug powders. When accidentally inhaled, the powder can cause terrible irritation to a person’s lungs and eyes. It is also crucial to ensure that the powder is used in a well-ventilated place. The product should also not be used excessively. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use bed bug powder for more details.

On the other hand, if a person is accidentally overexposed to bed bug powder, there are certain symptoms that he/she will exhibit. For example, vomiting, nausea, shortness of breath, headaches, and dizziness are some of the common symptoms. It is essential to ensure that an individual gets medical attention as soon as possible.

How long does the powder last?

The period that a bed bug powder lasts is according to different types. For example, some powders can last for several weeks and others that can last for several years. Dryness is a condition that increases the effectiveness and longevity of bed bug powders. Hence, the powder should not be stored in a place with high humidity. A dehumidifier can also be used to lower the humidity of the storage area.


The results of bed bug powders range from different households. Bed bug powder on its own cannot guarantee 100% eradication. However, when used with a combination of other bed bug control products, the powder can be very effective. For example, a blended bed bug spray and bed bug powder can effectively eradicate the pests. Furthermore, there are other insects and pests that can be controlled with bed bug powder. For example, cockroaches, ants, e.t.c. can be controlled with bed bug powder. Hence, the powder is a multipurpose and conclusive option of eradicating household pests.

Which powder is the most effective?

There are many bed bug powders that are in the market. However, several brands have proven to be the most effective. According to ratings and customer reviews, the four most effective bed bug powders include; Harris Bed Bug Killer Diatomaceous Earth Powder, CimeXa Insecticide Dust, HotShot Bed Bug Killer Powder, and JT Eaton Insects Bed Bugs Powder. Some of the features of these powders are that bed bugs are eradicated within the first 48 hours, and the powder remains effective for up to 4 weeks after application. Moreover, the bed bug powders are manufactured by the long term and reputable companies.

Treatment for bed bug bites

Bed bugs can be lethal when they bite a person. This is because the bitten skin area gets itchy and swollen. Furthermore, the bites can cause serious skin infections. When bitten by bed bugs, don’t scratch the skin. This will prevent the skin from infections. There are certain creams that are used to treat bed bug bites. These creams can be purchased at a chemist/drug store. If the bed bug bite gets more complicated, one should visit a doctor for an antibiotic prescription. However, if a person is allergic, an antihistamine is an excellent remedy for bed bug bites.

Things to avoid

There are several things that one should avoid when using bed bug powder. First, the bed bug powder should not be scattered everywhere. It should be applied in an organized manner. It is also important to cover clothes, dishes, and other surfaces where the powder will not be applied. This will minimize the potential risk of the powder getting in direct contact with humans. Furthermore, bed bug powder should not be applied when the person has not protected his/her body. You should use specified equipment and gears while applying the powder. In order to avoid such unnecessary mistakes, the instructions provided should be read carefully and followed strictly.

It is not good nor healthy to have insects and pests in the household environment. This is because they carry along with germs that might cause health complications. Furthermore, pests like bed bugs make us uncomfortable. This is because they are bloodthirsty pests that destroy our sleep and well being. These particular guidelines on how to use bed bug powders will be helpful to you. If properly used, bed bug powders will help to cleanse bed bugs from the home environment.


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