How to get rid of mice in your house

What is the best way to get rid of mice in your house and how to do it. The best way to eliminate mice from your home is to reduce their access. But if you live next to a field, as well as having to deal with other pests like moles, you may fail to eliminate the mice permanently as they will always come back. The following are the most effective ways and remedies to get rid of mice naturally from your home.


Block holes in both exterior and interior walls


Mice may at times leave your home to get easier foods elsewhere. To prevent them from coming back start with the interior walls and block all the holes. Leave a space for them to leave the house. The space you leave should be sufficient to prevent them from making new holes as mice will always make new holes if the space is narrow and traps them preventing them from moving freely. Mice only ever eat when they are hungry and you can be positive that they will eat with glee at the first chance they get. They will exploit any small cracks and holes in the wall to navigate the labyrinth that is your home – in fact, mice can squeeze themselves in a hole the size of a dime if they have to. Such small holes are often overlooked by homeowners as a minor nuisance that “can be fixed later”.


To easily locate the holes the mice passes through, look for greasy stains and faeces. You may also get a unique smell coming from those areas. Mark the areas with some chalk and then clean them.


You should then take scouring pads and seal all the holes. To prevent the mice from pulling the pads away, secure them properly on the walls. If you happen to get large holes within the walls consider doing some repair to provide a lasting effect.

After a week, try to find evidence on continuing mouse activities within the building. If you happen to notice that they are still dwelling within the house try to look for the unsealed holes and seal them. After you have sealed all your interior walls look for the holes in the outer walls and repeat the process.

Shore up your porch and extensions to the home with hardwood boards or other material made specifically so mice cannot bite through them. If you find holes in the wall, first put some metal wiring atop it and then cover it over with a paste that will harden. The steel wiring will break the teeth of any mice trying to chew their way out and will ruin their day.

Seal any gaps you find with caulk, stuffing stainless steel pads into larger gaps before sealing. Keep doors firmly closed at all times, and add weather-stripping if necessary. Dog- and cat-owners who like the convenience of a having an entrance for pets should consider an electronic pet door. This type of device can be trigged by your pet’s collar, which will allow you pet into the house, while keeping everything else out. A very clever gadget.

Clean your home, attic or apartment regularly


Rodents will always stay in a home where they get food to eat, but if they lack food, they will eventually escape. You can purchase air tight containers to store your food in places not accessible to the mice. In addition, you should keep all your trash cans far from your home to reduce the smell. The smell from the cans highly attracts the mice. And on’t forget to clean an attic regularly as they like the warmth they find under the roof space.

Mice are attracted to a place where they can hide easily and also get food. Get rid of every possible source of food and water by fixing leaky taps and putting all food in air tight containers. Always keep the trash cans away from your home and observe regular cleanliness routines to avoid any junk pile. Seal all the holes on your property that are being used by the mice to enter and exit from your home. Rodents leave a specific scent behind where they are especially active, mark that area and block the entry points. If you are unable to deal the with problem by yourself, don’t hold off calling a professional mouse removal service. 

Clean up carefully after each meal, and do not leave any pet food sitting around where rodents have easy access to it. And of course, make sure that they cannot get into your garbage can. Fit your kitchen garbage with an airtight lid so that any pests will have a difficult time getting in to devour the virtual mouse stockpile that is likely inside.


Use peppermint oil


You can either use pure peppermint oil or peppermint oil specifically meant for use as mice repellant. Some local health stores can be selling peppermint oil at a good price, but inform the store attendant that you want to use the oil for repelling mice from your home. With the information they may inform you whether the peppermint they have in the store will work for the purpose.


You should use a good amount to attain good results by ensuring that the peppermint oil you have used provides a strong scent to repel the mouse. Using more oil is essential. Use at least five drops on a cotton ball.

How to kill house mice

You should then find the best location to place the cotton ball. The best areas should be those the mice will use to enter the house. The step is essential. You will be targeting the mice to get the concentrated smell before they enter the house which should repel them. Many people who have used peppermint oil and failed to eliminate mice from their homes often fail on this step. If the mice are within the house, there is a likelihood that they won’t leave the house after you place the cotton wool soaked in peppermint. However, they may find other holes around the house without the scent to escape.


Peppermint is also a good way to block the trail the mice leave within your house. They will use the trail to communicate to other mice about the way into the house. Locate the areas with the help of droppings and the grease marks the mice leave behind. Then place the cotton soaked with the peppermint oil across these trails. While using other mechanisms to get mice from your house, you can also use the peppermint oil to drive out the mice from their hiding areas to the traps.


The concentration of the scent coming from the soaked cotton will reduce with time and stop working after it gets weaker. Always keep the peppermint fresh to keep it effective. Soak the cotton wool in peppermint once in a month to increase the concentration. But if you are dealing with a recurring problem, change the peppermint at least once in two weeks.


Peppermint is an effective way of reducing mice, but do not work efficiently for mice that are already living within the house. If the scent is strong enough, it will prevent the mice from making a dwelling home within your house mostly when located on the trail. If you happen to place the mint in a place they are currently living, it will most likely not push them away.



Use rodenticides


Use them on areas where domestic animals and children have no access. They work efficiently in killing the mice. Some people will not be entirely at ease with the use of poisons, and there are questions around how humanely it is to exterminate an animal in this way.

If you are going to use poisons, they can be an effective method of pest control. For example, you may leave some poisoned food at the spot which mice often visit. They will eat poisoned food and die. However, you should be very careful, especially if you have children and pets at home. Unfortunately, there are cases when kids have eaten poison and ended up in hospital with intoxication. It also concerns pets which could actually die if they consume the poison. Therefore, make sure that kids and pets have no access to places where you leave poison for mice. Such poisons are generally inexpensive and can be purchased in any supermarket or a specialized store.



Get rid of mice fast with the use of electronic repellent


You can easily reduce mice from your entire house or business with the use of ultrasonic electronic repellents. They are able to travel from floor to floor easily a condition that makes them to hide in any place. The mechanism is easy and will assist you to get rid of mice without considering the area they are hiding or nesting. The plug-in repellent devices emit multiple sounds which make the rodents uncomfortable in the house eventually eliminating them. To achieve better results, you may place them in different locations.



Use mouse traps


Mouse traps are usually in three categories: the wood spring loaded trap, the wire cage and the electronic trap. They tend to be pretty good in reducing the number of rodents around the house although they will catch one mouse at a time and only if you place them in the best place. It is one of the most humane ways to kill rodents as they die pretty quickly compared with the use of poisons etc. You can also get mouse traps that don’t actually kill the mouse, but only stop it from leaving the trap. You are then free to let the mouse escape somewhere far from your house, like a nearby field. Not everyone though will be comfortable being anywhere near a live mouse though!

When setting a trap, the bait is quite important too. Mice tend to like fat and sugar, so things like cheese or butter can be quite effective, and from my own experience, mice can’t resist tomato ketchup!


Combining the traps with other mechanisms like the rodenticides or mice repellants may be more effective, but you will need to try a number of things to see what works for you.



Use glue strips


When the need calls for it, mouse glue traps can be an effective tool for catching and eventually getting rid of mice altogether. Though it depends on how bad your mouse infestation is it is always better to be prepared for the contingency that mice have made a permanent home in your house. Because the unfortunate truth is that if you see only one mouse scurrying around all over the place, odds are there are at least several more than are crawling around the walls somewhere, just waiting to snatch at a plate of food that was carelessly left out in the open.


The major problem with the strips is that you will have to place them in an exact location and if not, you will hardly get any result. You will also have to un-trap the mice and dispose them correctly.


Use a natural predator


Another good way to deal with mice is to prevent infestations in the future, is to invest in a cat. A natural predator like a cat can easily reduce the number of mice causing an infestation in your home within a short time.  There are many services that offer cats for free – such as cat rescue centers. These cats are generally very good mousers. If you want a tamer animal, you can purchase a cat or find one at a local animal shelter. You’ll have the benefit of a new pet as well as natural elimination of mice.


Use of Professionals


One of the most effective methods is to hire experts from pest control agencies. An awareness of rodent biology, eating patterns and behaviour are important skills that professional mouse removal services will have. Seasoned experts will come to your house, find places where mice live and use special poisons that are safe for your family.

They also decontaminate the infested areas after complete removal of the pest. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can do that by following some of the other advice given in this article. Although this is the most expensive method, it is the most effective. Besides, these people know lots of various methods for ridding your home of pests. On top of that, pest control agencies offer warranties. It means that if mice show up in your house again, they will return and do the job for free. Although there may be various companies which can offer solutions for how to get rid of mice, there are some which really stand out when it comes to their thorough approach, their fantastic levels of customer service and the great value for money that they offer. They will be able to deal with your problem, no matter how big or small it might be, but you will need to do some research to find out about recommendations or reviews on business websites or directories. Sometimes a local business association can be helpful in finding a reputable company.