How to get rid of flies in your house

All Insects, though essential for human life, are a nuisance to most people, especially when they are in their homes. More often than not, these bugs bring germs with them, especially the fly. Certainly, one can treat this problem using various commercial products or insecticides, but they are chemicals to get rid of flies.

Regular pest management is extremely important to ensure that your home is completely safe at all times. Many different types of pests infest our homes and surroundings, and house flies are one of the most common and troublesome ones.

These tiny little insects are found almost everywhere in the world where human beings live. They are extremely annoying to have around because they keep buzzing around people, and especially around their food. What’s even worse is that these creatures are responsible for the spread of many diseases. Since they spend a lot of time at garbage dumps and sewage, they are known to pick up disease-bearing microorganisms and transfer them to food items.

If you have lots of these flies at home, then it reflects very badly on your standards of hygiene. You, therefore, need to ensure that you get rid of flies. Your pest management efforts ought to focus on controlling the larvae rather than on the adult flies because the former are easier to kill.

There is a wide range of diseases that can be transmitted by flies. Here are some of them:

Typhoid Fever (Salmonella typhi)

Symptoms: High temperature (up to 104 deg F or 40 deg C), loss of appetite, headache, stomach pain and usually some weakness. Sometimes a pink skin rash appears.

Treatment: A doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic and the symptoms will cease in a few days. If no treatment is given, the subject may become seriously ill and even die from secondary problems
Cholera (cause by Vibrio cholera, a bacterium)


Symptoms: unexpected episodes of watery diarrhea that contains flecks of white mucous material, stomach pains,sticky mouth, sunken eyes, concentrated colored urine, dry skin, nausea and vomiting (usually).

Treatment:Cases can vary from mild to serious. If untreated, serious cases can lead to imminent death. Drink plenty of fresh water, mixed with small quantities of salt and sugar. This will restore the body’s fluid. Treatment must be given immediately.

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Escherichia coli

Symptoms: It depends on Escherichia-coli. Most strains are harm-less and results in no detectable symptoms. Other strains, such as O157: H7 can cause blood diarrhea. In a few of cases Escherichia coli O157: H7 can lead to a hemolytic uremic syndrome that can lead to kidney failure in young children.


Shigellosis (cause by Shigella, a bacterium)

Symptoms: Diarrhoea (often bloody), fever, and stomach pains. Most cases are mild and may not even be noticed. In a a few cases, the very young and very old may be vulnerable to high-temperature fever, possibly (and rarely) leading to a seizure in a toddler.

Getting rid of flies in and around the home naturally is possible, and the information is provided below.



The fact that flies don’t like smoke is well-known. This is the most likely the main reason why they don’t hover around used grills. As such, burn incense in your living area. You can also light a candle, but it would be ideal if you put out a citronella candle for these nasty little pests. Citronella candles are specially manufactured to get rid of mosquitoes and flies. (And they do work!)

Molasses and Black Pepper
Put a mixture of molasses and black pepper in a small dish or a disposable plate then place the dish outside. Make sure that you place the dish away from where you wish to spend time. The scent of the mixture will attract flies and due to the stickiness of molasses, the flies will get stuck in the dish. Afterward, just dispose of the dish. It’s that simple!

Certain herbs can easily help you eliminate flies once and for all. Such herbs include lavender, peppermint, and elder. You may want to use then to decorate your interior space or plant them in the garden to get rid of flies in the exterior environment.

In most circumstances, files reside and breed in the trash cans. You should destroy their homes by sprinkling borax at the bottom of your trash can. This will prevent the flies from breeding and deter them completely.


Flies are a common problem during summer and in sunny areas. If you live in such a locality, and the area is infested by flies, using potted basil plants may prove to be helpful. Its effect on flies can be attributed to its scent which irritates the creatures, driving them away from your space. It’s important that you water your basil plants at the roots. This allows the leaves to produce a stronger and much effective scent.

You may also want to hang a flypaper or commercial traps in areas where the flies congregate. This might be the kitchen or the garage. Additionally, don’t give up on the flyswatter. It can come in handy if the flies are stubborn and you need to kill them.

Water Bag Trick
Many people don’t know how the water bag trick deters flies, but it works. Place a penny inside a Ziploc bag and fill it with water (half full) and then hang it in an area where the flies frequent. Exterminators are of the opinion that flies have poor sight and often see the bag as a wasp’s nest or a spider web. This will undoubtedly scare them away.

Keep Things Clean
When you keep your kitchen nice and clean, the flies will have nothing to be attracted to. They love the smell of fruits and vegetables, especially items that are going bad. If you want to keep them away, just make sure that your kitchen is nice and clean. Use a disinfectant to wipe down the counters every night, and immediately clean up any spills. Take time to empty food out of the drain trap in your kitchen, and make sure that your garbage can lid is clean.

Cover Things Properly
If you leave fruit in a bowl, the flies are going to be attracted to it. It’s a good idea to put the fruit in a bowl that you can cover with a lid, as the flies will have no way to get at the fruit. Ensure that your garbage can is properly closed, and stow all the leftover food in the fridge. Close the pantry doors, and be certain that there is no food left out in the open air.

Use Vinegar to Trap Them
For those that are sick and tired of the fruit flies, vinegar makes a handy trap. Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water which is warm, and pour in a couple of teas-poons of dish soap – preferably a citrus scented soap. Leave this out near the fruit, and watch the flies flock to it. The vinegar and soap will drown them, thus eliminating them effectively. To give way for the insects to get into the jar poke holes in the wrap. The insects will be attracted by the scent of vinegar and get into the jar. Most of them won’t be able to find their way out thus will die inside the jar. Vinegar loses its effectiveness after sometime; therefore, you have to keep on replacing it after a day or two.

Beer Traps
Beer makes a very good trap for fruit flies, and you can pour a couple of cups of beer into a simple mason jar as the trap. Cover the lid with a piece of saran wrap, and secure it in place with a rubber band. Poke some holes in the top so the flies can smell the beer, and they will fly into the trap. Once they drink the beer, they will be unable to get out.

Leave the Lights On
If you want to make your traps as effective as possible, you will do well to leave the lights on in the kitchen overnight. Fruit flies tend to be more active when there is light out, so leaving the lights on in the kitchen will attract them. They will be more likely to fall into your traps, as they will fly around looking for the fruit.

Coke Trap
Coke is full of sugar, which is just what the fruit flies are looking for. Pour some Coke into a soda bottle and screw the top on securely. Use a nail to poke a hole in the upper of the bottle, and leave it out where the flies can smell it. They will be attracted to the soda, and they will fly into the bottle to drink. They will be trapped inside the bottle, where they will drown eventually.

Take the Garbage Out
Possibilities are good that the flies are attracted to the smell of the garbage in your garbage bin, especially if your bin uses a revolving top rather than a lid. It’s best to take out the garbage at least once a day during the summer when the fruit flies are more active, and make sure that your garbage can lid is cleaned regularly to avoid fruit flies.

Kill eggs

In addition to killing the flying insects you also need to get rid of the eggs. To kill the eggs you only need to find where the insects are breeding. When looking for breeding areas remember that the insects breed in areas that provide them with food and moisture.

These areas include garbage cans, dank sinks, and rotting fruits. To kill the eggs you need to destroy these areas. If they are breeding in garbage cans, you should clean them. Also, dispose of the rotting fruits in your house.

If the flies are in the kitchen, thoroughly clean it and dispose of the materials that you use in cleaning. These include old rags, damp mops and old sponges.

Prevention is the better option than cure, preventing an infestation starts with all the above methods by determining the kind of flies invading your home, which will need you to know their breeding cycles, diet, and favorite habitats. Fumigation brings a more drastic approach to dealing with flies; it is more of chemical warfare. In the simplest form, fumigation is the introduction of a noxious substance in the air that is lethal to flies with the aim of killing any fly that breath in the air.

If you are not able to control the fly menace at your home, you should get a professional pest management company involved. The company will ensure that these nuisance insects are kept under control. This will help you and your loved ones stay safe from a whole lot of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning, dysentery, and even eye infections. The money you spend on pest control will help you save a lot more money on hospital bills. Flies control companies use the most modern and innovative techniques to provide effective services. They use high-powered sprayers and most advanced fumigation techniques to exterminate them completely. Calling the best flies control company is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to get rid of flies or other insects. In between visits from flies control experts, you can do your part to keep flies away by cleaning your house regularly and using natural insect repellents you may already have in

The International Network is the best option to search the best flies control service provider company. These days almost all service providers have their websites, so you can visit their websites and gather all the information that is required. You can check the range of services they offer, the techniques they use and also get information about the experience and qualification of people working there. A good such service provider will always make sure that once you have taken their services, your premises will always be free of flies so that you can live safely and securely in a healthy environment. An effective fly control service from will give a lot of importance to safety. They will perform all the tasks by the health and safety requirement as set out by the current legislation. Hence choose a profession flies control firm get rid of flies completely from your home.

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